top 10 canadian stocks

Canadian Stocks to be added to your investment portfolio.


Canadian Stocks are on the way to be one more of your investments.

We have researched some of the most experts in the Canadian Stocks area and gathered 10 Canadian Stocks to add to your investments portfolio.

Different than most other countries in America, Canada has legalized medical marijuana nationwide back in the year 2001. That explains that the country has embraced the legalization and it’s not based on state lines, different than USA that has approved medical marijuana but only 29 states has adopted the rule and made it legal, including Washington D.C.

Not only that, later on Canada Introduced the Cannabis Act, a bill that if passed will legalize Marijuana for recreational use. Canadian government is expecting to pass this Bill soon, and by soon we mean in July 2018.

With this in mind lots of different Canadian Stocks can help you add diversity to your investments Portfolio.

It is important to remember that not all of the American brokerage firms are allowed to make investments in Canadian Socks. We to recommend one of the best brokerage firm down this page. Do your research, studies and educate about any investments you do. Canadian Stocks are on the scene and you show learn to invest before any further steps.

The top 10 Canadian Stocks:

1. Canopy Growth Corp.
Market Cap: $4.575 billion

2. Aurora Cannabis
Market Cap: $3.705 billion

3. Aphria Inc.
Market Cap: $1.707 billion

4. PharmaCan Capital/The Cronos Group
Market Cap: $1.236 billion

5. Emerald Health Therapeutics
Market Cap: $447.584 million

6. OrganiGram Holdings
Market Cap: $367.098 million

7. SupremePharma
Market Cap: $328.635 million

8. Emblem Corp.
Market Cap: $150.035 million

9. THC BioMed International
Market Cap: $120.34 million

10. iAnthus Capital
Market Cap: $176.868 million

If you are looking on making easy fast money on any investments including Canadian Stocks, we strongly recommend you to STOP RIGHT HERE. DO NOT INVEST before you LEARN, practice and get an investment broker for advices. There are risks involved in any investments you make. So be safe, learn, educated yourself before you invest into Canadian Stocks.

Learn more about the future of the Marijuana Industry in the USA and compare with Canadian Stocks.

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