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You want to buy a home and looking for cash for property, but you have very little money saved. What are your options? 

Traditional mortgages don't always require large down payments. If you have a good income, stable job and good credit, you should easily be able to get a traditional mortgage, even without a down payment and use your cash for property.

However, if your credit is bad, there are still plenty of options for getting into the real estate market and get some cash for property opportunities. Despite the mortgage-due-on-sale clause, sometimes a buyer with cash for property can take over payments on an existing mortgage. It is very unlikely a bank will demand the full mortgage and we can help you get the cash for property, and eliminate the risk ending up having to deal with a foreclosure, if monthly payments are being made on time. 

These sales, called "subject to" sales. In these cases, the seller will require a second mortgage to get their equity out of the home. If there is little or no equity in the home, a contract can be arranged wherein the buyer agrees to get cash for property to pay off the sellers mortgage in a set number of years when they in turn sell the home. Often, this deal is made with the promise of a percentage of the buyers profit going to the seller when the home is sold again repaying the cash for property. 

These cash for property contracts allow a highly motivated seller to walk away from their mortgage and either easily get a second mortgage, or start fresh, but receive a check in an agreed upon number of years for a percentage of the homes re-sale. As a buyer, you can assume the mortgage, either live in the home or rent it out, then when it has gained equity, sell it and only then give the person you bought it from a small sum. 

While subject-to sales sound complicated, they can really be a great deal for both buyers and sellers with little money. Cash for Property 

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